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University Family Physicians

Our services

Novant Health University Family Physicians provides many medical services in our clinic. When necessary, we'll help coordinate access to specialty and hospital services, if the patient condition requires a referral. To learn more about the services offered, click the links below or in the navigation.

Pediatric well visits

Beginning as early as the newborn nursery, we provide wellness care for children.

Well-child visits evaluate your child's health over time. During your child's visit, we evaluate growth and development, assess overall health, provide necessary immunizations and discuss anticipatory guidance.

Urgent Care for acute medical problems

As family medicine physicians, we are trained to evaluate and treat many acute problems and illnesses in all age groups.

Our on-site Urgent Care office provides first-line evaluation and management of unexpected illnesses or accidents. Patients are seen for illnesses such as fevers, sprains/strains, possible broken bones, cuts or lacerations, diarrhea and other sudden, unexpected illnesses.

This is not an emergency room. Patients with life-threatening or severe problems should go to a hospital emergency room.

Management of chronic medical problems

We are equipped to handle a wide range of chronic childhood and adult illnesses and conditions such as asthma, eczema, acne, ADD and ADHD.

We can also help arrange specialty consultation in a timely manner if the patient's condition requires additional follow up care help manage a particular condition.

Women's health

The periodic and comprehensive women's health review is very important to the present and long term health of every woman.

A woman's health review includes a complete medical history review and comprehensive physical exam. Then, you and your doctor can jointly discuss important issues such as timing of pap smears, breast exams, mammography, osteoporosis, midlife hormonal conditions, pre-menstrual syndrome, contraception, dietary issues and other general concerns.

Remember that the leading cause of death and disability in the mature female population is cardiovascular disease, not cancer. Discuss your cholesterol, blood pressure and exercise program with your doctor.

You and your doctor will then jointly share decision-making about many of the health issues that are so important for your present and future well-being.


Medical exams

We provide pre-employment physical examinations, periodically required medical examinations (eg. DOT exam and fire department physicals) and life insurance examinations.

School and sports physicals

We also provide necessary exams and required diagnostic evaluations in the office for the child or student who needs periodic school or sports participation examinations.

On-site physical therapy

Working closely with the physicians, our physical therapist is trained to treat orthopedic problems, sports conditions and other musculoskeletal problems.

Our physical therapist is skilled in manual therapy techniques and will design individual exercise programs to expedite the rehabilitation process and maximize function for all patients who require physical therapy.


We evaluate and coordinate care for many bone and soft tissue injuries.

We provide prevention and correction of injuries or disorders of the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints and ligaments. Complicated orthopedic problems are referred to a specialist.

Ear, nose, throat and facial plastic surgery

Complete care for ear, nose and throat disorders, as well as consultation for a wide array of facial plastic surgery procedures are available at our practice.

Our clinic offers the services of Dr. Robert C Jarchow. He is available to see patients in our office on Thursday afternoons. He is a highly skilled physician who brings years of surgical experience to our community. He provides complete medical and surgical care for adults and children who experience pain and complications associated with the ear, nose, and throat. In addition to offering diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases, Dr. Jarchow is also an experienced facial plastic surgeon.

To schedule an appointment, call his office at 704-782-7111.

Minor surgery and dermatology

We can perform a number of minor surgeries right in our clinic.

Our physicians are trained in the evaluation of skin lesions and growths. They can also perform skin biopsies and minor excisions to evaluate these problems, if necessary. The biopsies are processed by a certified laboratory and your doctor will follow up with results in a timely manner. Your family doctor will ordinarily do a thorough skin evaluation at the time of your regularly scheduled annual preventive health care examination.

We can also repair simple lacerations and perform joint injections.

Advanced diagnostic services

We offer a full range of diagnostic services available on-site to help identify problems and conditions in a timely manner.

These services include digital X-ray, laboratory services, ultrasound, and bone densitometry (dexa scans).

Radiology services

No need to travel for most radiology procedures.

We perform on-site digital radiology services, including chest X-rays, abdominal X-rays and X-rays of limbs/joints. The images are immediately read by our physicians, and all images are then sent to a radiologist for a formal interpretation.